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Operators may use a portable spool on the back of a special truck or a permanent part of the drilling rig. As stated it is a series of pipes that connect and it is what holds the tool string so operators can make runs in and out of the well. Our high performance culture has given us a strong focus, and through it, we are able to maintain towering standards of performance and quality in the industry.

The two most common properties measured by nuclear tools are formation porosity and rock density: The tool processes the gamma ray counts and sends the data uphole where it processed by a computerized acquisition system, and plotted on a log versus depth.

Normal ratings for wireline pressure equipment is 5, 10, and 15, pounds per square inch.

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Hydraulic pumps exert force on the rubber element until a light pressure is exerted on the wireline, cleaning grease and well fluid off the line in the process.

Wireline We lay it all on the line to ensure quality and safety. To achieve things no one else is achieving, we must do things no one else is doing. Since the results are not known until returned to surface, any realtime well dynamic changes cannot be monitored real time.

Natural gamma ray tools[ edit ] Natural gamma ray tools are designed to measure gamma radiation in the Earth caused by the disintegration of naturally occurring potassium, uranium, and thorium. Slicklines can also be used to adjust valves and sleeves located downhole, as well as repair tubing within the wellbore.

A CBT makes its measurements by rapidly pulsing out compressional waves across the well bore and into the pipe, cement, and formation. Our passionate vision drives us to make sacrifices so that a cause bigger than ourselves — our commitment to being the best — can be brought to life. Gamma rays given off from naturally occurring radioactive elements bombard the scintillation detector mounted on the tool.

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A Wireline services sample rate of data is recorded into memory and retrieved when the drillstring is withdrawn at bit changes. Pack-off[ edit ] Pack-off subs utilize hydraulic pressure on a two brass fittings which compress a rubber sealing element to create a seal around the wireline.

Caliper log A tool that measures the diameter of the borehole, using either 2 or 4 arms. To reduce the amount of time running in the well, several wireline tools are often joined together and run simultaneously in a tool string that can be hundreds of feet long and weigh more than lbs.

Slicklines[ edit ] Wireline truck Used to place and recover wellbore equipment, such as plugs, gauges and valves, slicklines are single-strand non-electric cables lowered into oil and gas wells from the surface.

Close A specialized focus,designed for results. After that, power can be applied through the tool to set off explosive charges for things like perforating, setting plugs or packers, dumping cement, etc. The assembly is attached to the plug or packer by means of a setting mandrel and a sliding sleeve, which when "stroked" by the piston assembly, effectively squeezes the elastomer elements of the packing element, deforming it sufficiently to wedge it into place in the tubing or casing string.Wireline Services for Petrophysics Setting the industry standard for real-time, high-resolution, quantified petrophysical measurements.

Wireline petrophysical measurements provide both the accuracy and comprehensive scope needed to correctly determine the petrophysical properties of the.

Accu-Line Wireline Services provides unrelenting service, powerful technology and unmatched quality. Our goal is to lead the industry in cased hole wireline, pressure control and related completion services. Inspection. Setcore is a leading provider of inspection services to blue-chip customers including national oil companies, integrated majors, independent producers and drilling contractors.

Wesco Testing and Wireline Inc. is committed to rise above the competition by providing our customers with exceptional services and unparalleled support, led by experience. Wesco Testing and Wireline is the longest privately held testing and wireline service in Alberta. Gardonville. The commonsensical way to keep in touch.


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Wireline services
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