How to write a good byline for a feature article

It sometimes includes a brief second line. If your company sells aquarium filters, examples of keyword phrases you could use are external aquarium filters and aquarium filter systems. If you build your story around a unique and compelling idea, your odds of publishing it increase dramatically.

Should you identify the author of articles and other website content? This was 4 on my list of top- 10 design mistakes ofbut I still see this erroneous design 13 years later.

Executives can insert their point of view and reach target audiences by writing or commissioning these articles. If it had remained a minority pursuit, imported after one too many trips to Buddhist temples in Nepal, at least it would have retained some essence of its roots.

They can write for one or more publications at the same time and are paid per article or per word. Use keyword phrases when linking to websites in your article byline. The caption or text beneath a photo or illustration is often reserved for a byline graphic, with the name of the artist, if different than the writer, as a way of attributing credit.

For a few examples of byline articles we have written for our clients, check out the links below or e-mail us. Develop a strong thesis.

How to Write an Article Byline

The classic example is a medical doctor writing about a health issue, in which case you should certainly list the article as being "by Joe Schmoe, MD. By linking to your site with certain keyword phrases in the article byline, not only will you increase search engine traffic to your site, but you will boost your page rank and increase your search engine rankings, according to Sean Seo, author of the Aussie Internet Marketing Blog.

If you do not own a company but you are linking over to your website, describe your relationship -- a site owner, contributor or guest writer -- with your website and what readers would find if they visited your site. When done thoughtfully and consistently, a byline can even become part of the brand or identity of a writer.

Writing for the Web 2 Summary: A byline can be just a surname, a first name, a first name and last initial, or a full name. Knowing a few simple rules about writing a byline is the ticket to being able to produce a useful byline. In this case, you should include the author's name when linking to the article from home pages, SERPs search engine results pagesarticle listings, Tweets, etc.

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. The more search engine visitors you receive, the higher your earning potential.

Even when writing about yourself, always use third person pronouns, including your full name and the name of your company or website to make it easier for people to find you.

How to Write a Feature Article for a Magazine

A byline can also serve to position the writer as an expert or authority on a specific topic or target audience. What is a Byline Online? It's distracting for users when clicking a name initiates an email instead of showing a new webpage, which is the expected behavior of web links.

Depending on the publication, some magazines require their writers to supply original images or photographs as well. A byline is a very effective way of getting the word out.

If the author has credentials or status that support the article's credibility. If appropriate, you can add contact info at the bottom of the biography page. For websites and blog owners, it may be as simple as referring to the writer by just a title.A byline for any type of written article is a short phrase or line that tells who wrote the story.

A feature article is primarily a human interest story, as opposed to hard news. It can be helpful to mimic the outlines used in high school English class when writing a byline article. Begin with a broad theme and narrow it down to the thesis in the introduction. Provide evidence for the thesis in the body of the article.

Transcript of How to Write a Feature Article. Purpose of a Feature Article: To entertain, inform and persuade Highlights the main ideas of the article 2. Byline Expands on the title Tells us who wrote the article Continued 3. Lead (a.k.a introduction) Things good transitions do: repeat a word, phrase or idea that has been used in the.

Feature articles are longer and more in depth than regular news articles. They cover one subject from multiple angles and are written in a more creative, entertaining format.

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then write your own articles modeled after them. Remember, your first version of a story is a first draft, not a finished article. Here a few good tips for turning. Writing a feature article: here is the process I went through to create this piece.


How to Write a Byline

Choose a topic; One good habit is to use a writing style called the inverted pyramid. (Feature Article example. (n.d.)) By using this style, you are telling the key broad facts and main bulk of the story first.

Mar 24,  · okay so im writing a byline for my feature article about heath ledger and how he just kept on going with his career until he made it to the big time like he wanted, and i apparently need to add my name in it but i dunno how to write one so please help, kthanks (:Status: Resolved.

How to write a good byline for a feature article
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