A comparison of teachings mencius and hsun tzu

Mencius is looking at the world through the eyes of an optimistic, loving and maybe even naive person. Confucius refused permission to Zilu and two others to go out to Qi but granted the request of Zigong. Xun-zi Xun-zi Hsun-tzu was born about BC in the state of Zhao, but at the age of fifteen he went to study in a center of learning in Qi.

Evil is not, for them, an aquired trait born of experience, but something present at birth. What is a state? Yet when wealth is gathered in the ruler's hand, the people will scatter away from him; but when wealth is scattered, they will gather around him.

Their constantly disagreeing nature has forced many Confucian s to examine their faith more independently and made Confucianism a religion for the thinkers, not just the faithful worshipers.

Mencius held that a good person would not even take from one person to give to another, let alone seek territory at the cost of human lives. Another story tells how Mencius had walked in on his wife in a private room as she was sitting in an improper way; when Mencius complained, his mother persuaded him not to leave his wife, because he had not announced his coming or kept his eyes down when entering.

To accomplish this he must go back to the fundamentals of nurturing the people's needs and providing education. Only philosophers could go deep in our mind and reveal those forms and ideas.

Practicing the good is like archery: When families become good and compliant, then the whole state will become so. For Xun-zi the courage of the gentleman is staying with what is just, not being swayed by the exigencies of the moment, not looking for one's own profit, but considering the interests of the whole state and assisting in realizing them, and weighing the threat of death by upholding moral duty.

Great Learning, summarizes this leaning and application as: Xun-zi held that war is caused by desire for fame or territory or by anger; but a good ruler may gain fame or territory without fighting, and no one is angry with him. He was just a man with an opinion. Xun-zi's book is organized into discourses on various topics with some poetry.

Augustine believed that God arbitrarily divides mankind into the elect and the reprobate. Are you to wear the communist pigtails for years?


For Xun-zi learning means not only understanding but carrying it out in action. Evil words uttered will be uttered back to one. In a mission to another state, its customs are to be observed. The Vatican just recently pardoned Galileo for his heretical doctrines about the Earth not being the center of the universe.

Mencius was asked if it was all right to march on Yen. No kindness is greater than their care for the children in their upbringing. Confucius political philosophy is nothing but human-heartedness plus examples, which are set up by the ruling class for the people to follow and set up by everybody for others to follow.

Noam Chomsky first noticed this phenomenon in the s. He claimed that military deception is of no use against a good person and a state that is not torn apart.

When dealing with these two ideas, we must first decipher what is meant by nature in the sense that Mencius and Hsun Tzu discuss. Absolute sincerity is ceaseless, eternal, manifest, infinite, extensive and deep, transcendental and brilliant.

As Qin took over portions of Chu, Xun-zi learned that power must be tempered with justice, and his writings there emphasized education. With these beliefs a King would in essence be true if and only if he served his people for their benefit and not in any way for his own.

Mencius believed that the good and talented ought to help those who are less so. For Mencius the sole concern of learning is to go after this strayed heart. Demand labor of them only at the proper season, lighten their burdens, unify them in harmony, nourish them and care for them as you would little children.

In fact, humans are created by themselves in the secondary society, and so modern scholars claim: The way is cultivated by human goodness, and its greatest expression is in loving relations.

When the gentleman is courageous, he reveres heaven and follows its way. Goodness brings honor, but cruelty disgrace.mencius-cultivate qi-accumulated acts of rightness where indiv become connected w heaven & earth mencius vs xunzi education.

mencius-education as natural development of inherent tendencies xunzi-education as effort to reform/shape unruly nature. external requirements for education-xunzi.


Socrates, Plato, Aristotle were teachers and students while Confucius, Mencius, and Hsun Tzu were all along the same line of thought as the founder and followers of Confucianism. Thus it is not surprising that the six philosophers showed the same trend of change in time: Plain (oral tradition), ideal, and practical.

Teachings of Hsun-tzu and the Evils of Man Next Lesson Mencius Teachings and the Mandate of Heaven Chapter 4 / Lesson 5 Transcript. A comparison of the teachings of mencius and confucius ยท In our classes we have been reading about the ideas of Mencius and Xunzi. Mencius, early The philosophic ideas of Mencius might be regarded as an amplification of the teachings of Confucius.

The people of Zhou Dynasty lived in an area that was considered to be the dwelling place of the Xi-rong & Rong-di, somewhere in western Shaanxi Province, near today's Gansu/Sichuan border. This lesson will focus on the teachings of Hsun-tzu.

In doing so, it will explore how his philosophies on the nature of man differ from those of Confucius and Mencius.

A comparison of teachings mencius and hsun tzu
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